Test your grasp of English grammar online!


EGIPT is a test designed by the ISLV to allow you to test your English grammatical skills.

It was created to allow all members of the ULiège community to get a preliminary idea of their linguistic skills and to plan support if necessary.


  • is free;
  • is accessible to ULiège students and staff;
  • is a flexible automated online tool: you can find it on eCampus and take the test either in your office, a library, at home, and anytime you want;
  • is based on a pool of 1500 questions, allowing you to get tested several times, or, as a teacher, to share the test with a large number of candidates. Each question is assessed in terms of grammar and vocabulary and the results are given according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so the candidates know their level according to international standards;
  • is associated with a support tool, built along the same guidelines: the Interactive Essential English Grammar GABi (Grammaire Anglaise de Base interactive), an online grammar course designed for self-teaching, also available on eCampus. When registering for the EGIPT test, you automatically register for the GABi tool as well.



From August 15 to June 30

To register for the test and for GABi (Grammaire anglaise de base interactive), the support tool associated with EGIPT, just fill in the form below.

EGIPT and GABi will appear in your eCampus menu within 8 days of your request.


Registration form

A technical problem?

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Yasmine BADIR
Véronique DOPPAGNE

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