At the University of Liège, you will specialise in at least one language as part of the mandatory courses in all Bachelor's degree programmes (in all faculties).

The  teachers of the Higher Institute for Modern Languages are in charge of students’ linguistic training in most of the faculties where language is not the main subject of study, i.e. the Faculties of Philosophy and Letters (Communication Arts and Sciences, History, and Philosophy), Law (Law, and Political Sciences), Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Social Sciences, and HEC-ULiège Management School.

In most faculties, for example Sciences, Applied Sciences, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine, general English, ESP (English for Specific Purposes), and sometimes EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses are mandatory. In other faculties, English will be learnt together with other – mandatory or optional – languages: Dutch or German (in FaSS, FSA, FaPSE), or even Dutch, German, Spanish, or Italian (HEC-ULiège), depending on variable modalities. Finally, in the Faculty of Law (Law, and Political Sciences), students can chose to learn Dutch or German instead of English. For more details about the language course programme of each faculty, please visit the faculties’ websites.

The teachers of the Higher Institute for Modern Languages are also in charge of the complementary training in foreign languages   (preparatory activities, daytime and night classes for students and staff, training for specific purposes, individual or group coaching, etc.).

The languages taught in these complementary training programmes are: Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The courses cover the basic, intermediate and advanced levels (provided enough students have registered for any given level).

Any questions?

For more information on mandatory faculty courses, please contact Mrs Christine BOUVY-FILOT.

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